Beyoncé Lemonade themed Birthday Party

Beyoncé and I share a birthday and I figured it was about time I did a Beyonce themed birthday party. In honor of us. haha. Inspired by her latest album Lemonade. If you haven’t heard of it, go listen to the album and watch the film immediately!… Well, after looking at these photos.

All the food I purchased from Sam’s Club (except the lemon candy, I got that at Gygi’s) because I didn’t want to bake and the party was too last minute to order custom deserts. But that Lemon bunt cake was amazingly good.

My nieces and nephews were the live entertainment and are actually pretty dang good at writing funny songs about complete strangers.

Also, the adorably cute dress I’m wearing in the last photo I got at Zara.

Mindy Kaling Stickers

Are you obsessed/possessed by Mindy Kaling and The Mindy Project? Do you often find yourself texting the words “HOW DARE YOU” or “THAT’S VERY RUDE” and your thumbs are getting tired? Are you having a hard time finding the right Mindy gif to express your emotions? Then these stickers are for you! Just save the PNGs to your camera roll and show your friends who’s BOSS. You’re welcome.


Hipster Party

Yes, I’m 27 and I am still have costume parties. And I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. And honestly, everyone loved it. You’re never too old to dress up. And literally everyone came dressed up… well, except the few who already dress like hipsters, they just wore their everyday clothes. It was so much fun and as a surprise my Mom and sister Jenica drove all the way from Idaho to come. 

At the party, we had several activities for the guest to participate in such as a Photo Booth, Instagram photo contest, a hipster quiz to see how hipster you really are, and a dance party in our empty pool.

hipster signPrintPrintphoto booth signIMG_5755IMG_5811IMG_5846IMG_5869IMG_5879IMG_5889IMG_5909IMG_5914IMG_5926IMG_5940IMG_5963IMG_5998IMG_6001IMG_6011IMG_6013IMG_6023IMG_6030IMG_6037IMG_6041IMG_6049IMG_6056IMG_6059IMG_6066IMG_6081IMG_6101IMG_6104IMG_6106IMG_6108IMG_6117IMG_6118IMG_6124IMG_6141IMG_6142IMG_6149IMG_6160IMG_6162IMG_6167IMG_6203IMG_6206IMG_6207IMG_6214IMG_6217